Two Tips For Beginner Gardener

Just after daybreak this morning I took Honey, our son’s dog, outside to do her business and I’d say it was a bit chilly to be out there without my coat. Scotty on XL96 Moncton said it was -7C, and something like -12C with the windchill.
A nice clean layer of the white stuff cover up all the dead looking leaves and grass. Looks very nice from my office window and I guess it’s to be expected after all it’s the end of November now, summer seems long gone.
Once I brought Honey back in I grabbed a hot coffee from the kitchen and we headed straight for my office where it’s extra toasty.
Honey was lying down directly in front of the heater, not sure how she doesn’t burst into flames being that close to the heat source. I sat there sipping my coffee while staring out the window into our backyard thinking about next spring.
Of course thinking about next spring took me back a few years to when Jenny and I started gardening. We didn’t really know what we were doing but we loved the results and the feeling we had while gardening or even just looking at it.
That lead me to think about what I would tell others interested in giving gardening a try and so I wrote this gardening tips article for gardening wannabees.

Plan Ahead

As my parents used to say, “Don’t do what I do, do what I say“. So don’t start like I did instead take the time to plan your gardening success.
Now don’t get me completely wrong. We did start our gardening without any research at all. My wife started with flowers outdoors and I started with plants indoors.
My first attempt at outdoor gardening was to use a few containers and grow tomatoes. Then I moved on to starting a vegetable garden without any research.
We may have had much better success had we done some studying but we enjoyed gardening and wanted to do more.
I guess my point is that if we had learned a bit first we could have produced so much more with less effort. Things we learned in those first couple of years helped us to garden smarter and it’s now our number one hobby.

So Plan Ahead And Enjoy It Even More

This winter I am planning to grow our vegetables from seed and save money we can spend on more gardening tools. We may even grow some flowers from seed as well.
The amount of money we spend on flowers and vegetable plants could be saved and maybe spent on a garden wheelbarrow.

Don’t Give Up After Your First Attempt

My first few attempts using containers for gardening didn’t go so well. At one point I drowned my plants because of poor drainage and then I fixed it so well I had a hard time keeping them from drying out and dying.
I didn’t let it get me down. Instead I learned from it and now know how to make my containers drain properly and how to setup a drip system that will keep them from drying out too much.
So, don’t allow mistakes to stop your gardening efforts there’s just too much enjoyment waiting for you just down the road. The fact is we all make mistakes, the trick is to learn from your blunders and keep going.
Gardening is like anything else or at least most things in life. We don’t always get it right the first few times and we are never losers as long as we try again.

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