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Choosing a termite company shouldn\’t be a rushed decision. Termites may infest a home for months or years, damaging wooden panels, joists, beams, window sills and other wooden components before a homeowner notices their presence. Although it\’s crucial to have these pests eliminated to prevent further damage, this isn\’t a choice you should make on the spur of the moment. Compare quotes from more than one company, check references and confirm licensing status before you schedule a termite treatment.
A termite infestation is one of the most damaging incidents that can strike a home. Although the destruction doesn\’t take place overnight, the final results can be devastating. These wood devouring insects can devour the support structures of a house from the inside out, compromising its structural integrity. Because a homeowners insurance company often does not cover termite damage, homeowners must typically pay for repairs out of pocket. A reliable termite company can inspect your home for infestation and recommend the best course of action.
Pest Control Licensing Requirements
Scheduling pest management through an unreliable, fly-by-night company may be worse than taking no action at all. The wrong choice of termite treatments, incorrect application or insufficient follow up may end up costing a homeowner a lot of money with no results. No matter where you live, a termite company must meet certain requirements to apply pest control treatments in your state. A state\’s Department of Agriculture is often the licensing agency for a termite company.
Many states require that the technicians who apply termiticides, or pesticides for termites, be certified as well as licensed. Certification involves demonstrating a knowledge of insects, rodents and pesticides. A candidate must know which products would be effective at controlling specific pests under certain circumstances. Certified technicians must pass examinations to confirm their knowledge and must receive ongoing training and testing after receiving their certification. In many areas, a termite company must employ at least one certified applicator.
The department that issues licenses to a pest management company in your state may also maintain a file of complaints about termite companies. Check with that department to see if previous customers have filed complaints against the company. Look for a company that has established a strong track record of effective treatment and follow up for its clients. Reliable companies often offer an agreement called a termite bond, which guarantees retreatment or home repair if infestation recurs after the initial treatment has taken place.
In addition to carrying a pest management license, a reliable termite company should have a business license and a permanent place of business. The termite company you choose should also carry liability insurance. Commercial liability insurance ensures that any damages to your house or property will be covered. Finally, a knowledgeable provider with a strong reputation in the community may belong to one or more professional associations, like the National Pest Management Association, or NPMA.
Scheduling Treatment
The first step in getting professional treatment for an infestation of termites is to schedule an inspection. A professional inspector will carefully evaluate your property, including the grounds, exterior structures, crawl spaces, foundation and the interior of the home, in order to verify insect activity. An inspector should provide you with a detailed report that includes the results of the inspection. The report should include a description of areas that were not inspected and an explanation of why they were left out of the inspection.
After the inspection has been completed, a termite company will provide you with a treatment proposal, including a quote for services. Some services offer a free inspection as an incentive to encourage homeowners to use their pest management services, as well. You are not obligated to schedule treatment through the team that performs the inspection, although many homeowners do. Comparing estimates from several companies allows you to compare the market to make sure you\’re getting the most competitive deal.
Companies should be willing to provide a list of the termiticide products that they plan to use on your property, along with safety information about the products. Reliable professionals will answer all of your questions thoroughly and address any of your concerns about the products to be used, the effectiveness of products and the safety of these insecticides. Beware of companies that attempt to scare you into using their services, groups that slander other pest management teams or businesses that offer quotes that are dramatically lower than the competition.
Finding a reliable termite company has become easier and more convenient with online technology. In only a few steps, you can request information from several trusted providers in your community. For most homeowners, a house is their most valuable asset. Use the free resources on our site to address an infestation before the termites cause serious damage to your home.

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