Secrets To Preventing Snails And Slugs From Eating Your Plants

Snails and slugs are a menace. Wherever a climate is damp there will be a problem with these critters. Even in relatively dry areas snails and slugs can be found early in the morning.
Plants love greenhouses, but snails can still get in and destroy your plants. Those slimy, fat creatures appear when you don’t expect them. Snails let other snails know where to find food. All they have to do is leave a slime trail for their friends to follow.
Tracking down the snails is a thankless task. They are in hiding, making thousands of equally homely babies. This happens repeatedly without ceasing. The nasty creasures hatch in two to three weeks and start munching immediately! Six weeks is all it takes to fatten up the babies so they can become parents themselves.
Find their eggs which look like clusters of slimy whitish bb’s. Quick! Your salt shaker is now your best friend. Shake salt on those eggs. They will be destroyed before they hatch.
Each year, snails and slugs grow, and grow, and grow. If they find a lot to eat in your garden, they will continue to grow bigger. Get rid of them fast.
Gardening in a backyard greenhouse your vegetables and flowers will be somewhat protected. If you’re thinking of buying a deck greenhouse you will fine fewer instances of the ugly creatures.
Slithering in when your back is turned, they will lay their nasty eggs inside your greenhouse.Use the shiny trail to find where they are hiding! Moisture collects in corners, under leaves, under the bench. This is where they will hide out.
Whenever you find any, you have many weapons you can use.
Oat bran does not do well in their digestive tract and will kill them when they eat it.
Slugs will be cut and die when they crawl across Broken Eggshells.
They love the smell of beer. Simply place bowls of beer around your greenhouse. They will fall in and drown.
Slugs and snails will be repelled by some varieties of herbs. Grow herbs in abundance inside your greenhouse and the snails will make a fast exit. Thyme, lemon balm, rosemary, lavender and mint should be part of your arsenal.
Herbicides are something you will never need if you use the tactics in this article.. Herbs in a greenhouse will keep snails, slugs and many others pests away. Sometimes the infestation is severe. In that case, pull out all stops and use all the solutions at your disposal, including a sledge hammer. If you do that, you can avoid ever using poison.

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