Pumpkins For Your Organic Garden – The Important Things You Should Know

“Pumpkins are everywhere, whether on your refrigerator, your neighbour’s garden, supermarket and farms.
We value pumpkins that we even make use of these in special occasions like Halloweens. In fact, many people are starting to grow their very own pumpkin garden. If you are planning to start your own pumpkin garden then the guides below will surely be able to help you.

Best Place and Time to grow a Pumpkin

Choose the best spot for you to grow your pumpkin seeds, this will be your first consideration. A spot that has direct sunlight and wide space is ideal. Ensure that you grow your pumpkin during warm season and not during winter.

Correct Planting

One of the best ways to prepare your pumpkin seeds before planting is for you to soak them in water a night before you plant them. Soaking them in water will soften the outer shell of the seed making its sprouting easier and faster.
By the time you are to plant the seeds, be sure to cover them with an inch deep soil so as to block the sun’s light and birds from eating them. Keep the soil loose and moist, not wet.
While your garden is still on its seed stage, use a sprinkling can or much better a spray to water the seed, so as not to wash away the soil. Avoid as much as possible from moving the soil as this may cut off the roots that have taken place on the soil. If you have more than one garden plot, then they should be at least 10 feet apart from each other.
Pumpkins are great crawlers, this should be something that you must remember. A single vine of pumpkin can grow to as much as 30 feet while shooting out other vines along its way. This can be easily solved. Training or guiding a pumpkin to crawl to safe places is very important as this will prevent damages to your other plants and properties. Walls, roofs, fences and corns are some of the best spots for pumpkins to grow. Just make sure that your roofs and fences are strong enough for the weight, and that it does not bother your neighbour.

Organic Fertilizers and Water

Compared to artificial fertilizers, organic fertilizers are better for pumpkins. Pumpkins are huge and long plants and therefore require lots of nutrients. They can grow faster and bigger if you put correct amount of organic fertilizer to them.
Water is also very important for pumpkins. In fact, it is composed of 80 – 90% water. The kind of soil where you planted your pumpkin affects the amount and time you water them. A sandy soil requires frequent watering than a soil that is high in clay concentration.”
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