Ideas For Planting Strawberries

While it may not seem like there are a lot of different methods for planting strawberries, there are actually many different ways to grow them. If you are concerned about not having enough space or time, don’t worry – there are countless options for you to try!
These days strawberry plants do not need to grow only in a specially prepared strawberry patch, they can thrive just about anywhere, indoors or out. There are many different types of strawberries to plant, though most people will choose ever-bearing varieties instead of the June bearing plants. Strawberries only require two things to grow well, six hours of sunlight or more, and regular watering. When you remember a few a few techniques on how to grow strawberries the rest is pretty easy from there!
Container gardening remains to be a favorite method, especially when garden space is limited. The choices for different types of containers are many, and your only real limit is your imagination. Many people choose container gardening because it is much easier than learning how to build something from strawberry planter plans.
Another way to plant strawberries is in an upside down hanger. Youi can make your own by reusing plastic bottles from around the house, or you can often find them at any garden supply store. If you purchase one from the store, you will get a kit that includes the seeds, container, and directions for using this method. There is also a layering method some people will try for growing strawberries, which is often referred to as lasagna gardening. For this type of gardening you do not need dirt or soil for growing your plants. Instead, you use layers of fertilizer, cardboard, and compost to make your dirt. Lasagna gardening is preferred by many organic gardeners, since it makes it easier to grow your plants without using dangerous lawn chemicals.
The possibilities are endless on the various ways you can use to grow strawberry plants. When you give your plants the proper type of care, you just might be surprised what they can use for growing in.

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