Gardening Tools

How much do gardening tools cost?

Before you understand what tools are needed to take care of your garden, please see the following table showing the prices of the most used ones.

The ideal garden tools

The gardening tools are numerous but to choose the ones you really need carefully assess your needs, as well as the type of work you want to do alone in the garden. It is also important to consider the size of the area to work on and the type of plants present, such as fruit trees, flowers or hedges. In general, it is always better to focus on quality and invest a few euros more to have strong, functional and durable tools. Remember that those made of a quality material, such as steel, may have a higher weight, but they are always manageable and practical.

Here are the fundamental tools to make the maintenance of your garden easy and pleasant.

Spade and shovel

Among the necessary tools for the care of your green corner are the spade and the shovel. The first tool is indispensable if you practice gardening. It consists of a handle with a final blade that, pushed with your feet, allows you to move the ground. It is used to work the area to a depth of about 25 cm, to uproot trees, delimit flowerbeds and plant plants (planting).

The shovel is nothing more than a variant of the spade, larger, used when you are dealing with a large amount of soil or when you have to move foliage or sand.

Rake and hoe

The rake is a fundamental element for the garden. It consists of a handle on which is fixed a bar with five or ten “teeth”, long and pointed. You can use the best landscape rake to level the ground or clean it from leaves and dry grass. It is also useful for spreading fertilizer evenly.

The hoe has similar characteristics to the spade but its blade is sharper. There are different sizes and materials but it is important to select those made of metal or a very hard plastic because they wear out very easily.

The scissors

Another very useful tool in gardening is the scissors. Without them you will not be able to take care of your plants. They are used, in fact, for pruning small shrubs, topping and cutting flowers. There are all sizes and with blades specifically made for each type of plant. For example, you can buy scissors specially made to cut the highest peaks of basil without ruining it. For hedges, on the other hand, those with longer handles are recommended, so you can reach every side of the plant. Finally, for larger plants you can use shears, strong scissors that, with little effort, will allow you to cut even the thickest branches.

The transplanter

A last very useful gardening tool is the transplanter. It consists of a pallet, made of metal, wood or plastic that you can use to eradicate small plants and transplant them in another place. Depending on the size of the plants, you can choose between a medium or large blade. However, it is always better to buy a transplanter that has a certain thickness: this way it will not break easily and will last for a long time.

Battery-powered gardening tools

In order to carry out all gardening work, especially the most demanding ones, in a simple and fast way, the manufacturers have developed battery-powered equipment. There are models of lawn mowers, blowers or brushcutters that, unlike the petrol or electric ones, allow you to work in all weather conditions and without the encumbrance of wires. In addition, the batteries recharge in just over half an hour and are designed to last a long time. All this translates into considerable cost savings and convenience.

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